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Who's into Wendy's ?
Check my site : warning (21+, not for minors, children and penguins !!!  )
Math Teacher
Recently I am exploiting the teachers idea. Check my site for more stuff :
First - I tried to find appropriate forum in order to post this thread in there.
I also checked the help center with the FAQ, but this thing was not listed in there too.
If this is not the right place, please provide me the link to the right forum here, where I can do that. In all the ways my apology if the solution or reasons are obvious, but I'm not able to see it.

I do remember that it was possible for me to sort the files I was submitting into separate folders. It was enough to hover the mouse on the top right corner of the thumbnail and a small icon of a pencil was indicating that I am able to move the file into one of the already created folders.

Now that option is gone - for months. 
 My question is : Do I need to become a core so I should get to sort my newest deviation in folders again as before, or there's another way for me to do that with menus or it's an issue to anyone .

Thanks in advance.
Hi there - 

(Long Post ahead)

From a recent time I've been working on series of drawings for a hentai game. My friend - is developing it and offers it on his patreon (follow his profile and check it if you're into fairies and stuff) 

Here's some samples of what I did as illustration for his game.

Mature Content

Tickle by mavruda
  Hug by mavruda  

Mature Content

Fairy Consolement by mavruda
   Falling by mavruda   Clarinda's Vision by mavruda  

Basically fairies. But there's also demons in there:
Jennifer by mavruda Girl On the ottoman stool by mavruda Brantley The Succubus by mavruda

You can check my totally NSFW website : for similar or other stuff - I'm showing EVERY commission or request by patrons for freem in there. Basically the guys who decide to become my supporters are dictating the content on (well, according to my own terms and list of preferences). Let's say if you're into heroic stuff - superheroes, game characters - or if you just like Paladox are having original characters that you want drawn - I'd be interested to draw it for you.  

Dani by mavruda

My pricing is shown on the profile here, BUT if you become a patron of mine, I'm offering much lower prices as follows :…

Depending on the pledge the guys are able to commission me with much lower prices.
Now. The sweet part. I do requests too. But ONLY for Patrons who pledge $5 or $10.
Like it reads on the link above. I'll be able to fulfill up to 20 requests each time - and there will be cooling list for those guys who already got their thing drawn.

Again check my site - I draw there all alone, yet I believe I'm pretty productive.
Also - everything that comes from your side will be of help : pledging on two of my patreon accounts (I got two of them) , or commission  - or even making a comment below my submission on my site - /registration is optional, so you can come and do some comments in there - for that will give me some additional direction what would be the preference for the public to see. But like I said my "thing" are superheroes, game characters and YOUR original characters. Yes, my site is absolutely not suitable for work and for minors. No, not every drawing you see corresponds to my personal beliefs - Yes I do it for the money, I'm a MERC for hire.  

Like I mentioned I do have two patreon accounts : 
1. - here I do illustrations based on the commissions or requests of the patrons. I'm usually sending PMs to my $5 or $10 tiers to send me their descriptions until a certain date. Then I'm just starting to draw these. Requests there are NOT commissions, therefore I don't do changes : in order to reduce the unpleasant surprises I'm asking the people to send me detailed description of their thing by using a lot of photo references. I am also encouraging them to come up with short story along their requests. This makes you an author and creator to the thing and we all have fun , at least that's how I think. I give credits to the guys who came up with the story and you can check that on my free site.
Now to the point : why do you have to pledge if I offer all of these for free ? Short answer: You don't have to. Longer answer : Those who understand the idea of support will pledge and will be part of something cool - we share ideas and I'm trying to follow it.

My secondary patreon is :

2.… - here I started working on my own comic strip. Well you can check on my site that I've made some comics too, but TBH those were based on someone else's ideas, or clients paid for these. Not really my own stuff. I've started something that has to be up to 5 pages long and fully colored, but at some point I forgot myself and went a bit too far. 
I don't accept commissions or requests from THIS patreon ! Only from the first one.

This girl on the left is Kyana. She's a rogue , a thief. And she met this guy on the right in the marshes of Dourga. I know some of you would recognize the character as bugbear, but I decided to change the name of the species. This one came as request by of my patrons from the first patreon. And that ticked my brain to start work on something which is really mine, and I'm into.

Bugbear by mavruda

Pledging here is per finished comic strip. I know this sound quite greedy to some of you, but I'm working on this comic for 2 months and counting. The plot is quite simple :
A thief is telling a false story about how a heir of the throne died. 

What will be in there : barbarians, swords, wenches, wizards, monsters... Usual stuff.
People can pledge $1 and will get the comic as soon as I made with the colors - I'm pretty slow - like I said I work alone on everything and also have to take care for my family - got kids to ride to school and woman to love , but that's my own business.

Let's say your pledges won't be lost and hopefully it won't be in vain. 
The guys who pledge $5 also will get the comic done and sent on their e-mails, but they are able to decide how the next comic strip will proceed. Patreon has now a poll option, so it's your call - I will offer this the day I charge the patrons and give them the comic.

BTW the comic strip has it's lineart done and finished, and presented inside the patreon accont. Now I'm working on the colors and the letters. English is not my mother's tongue, so my hopes are with the time if I get enough supporters I should hire someone who's good with words to help me with the comic and to turn this thing into an on line magazine. That's right. I'm starting with a small comic for now. 
Just before the people start sending me messages : I don't make enough to pay to someone else to help me - so don't bother mailing me or sending me messages.
The comic strip is strictly not for children - it has explicit sex scenes and violence and blood. 

I'd be open for collaborations with other artists and cosplayers - so guys keep me in mind or send me PM just say "hi" - and when the time comes I will send you message to see how the things will work.

Now to the commissioning : 

I believe I'm affordable : I offer the people to watch me while I'm drawing their thing on picarto.

Important thing : I don't keep the files as a library,  You've lost it - not my problem :-) If it's not on the site , and not with you, it's not with me either. 
That does not mean they are owners or have the rights to use those for commercial needs. I'm the original artist and if I want I can do that , yet my choice is to show these out to be seen. Share if you want, but don't claim it's yours or you did it. 
I've seen my stuff to be sold on sites and some even flopped their logo over these. I never gave my permission for this and will never do.

Remember I work alone , on my own - there's not a bunch of artists behind mydirtydrawings, it's only me - Davis - and if you decide to pledge, support or give - you're doing it for me in person , not to a company or mangers. 

Kind regards, 

Davis 'Mavis' Rooder , a.k.a MavRuda
Updates on my site Ladies and gents ! ! - (warning +21)

These two characters belong to - and the game he's making. 
So guys. I'm working a little bit slow on the site. Trying to make a recovery piece by piece. And then I suddenly get my inbox here filled with a little bit "strange" messages from people.

Some wants me to hire them for work.
Others wants me to become their patron at patreon.

Unfortunately for these guys I'm not a "big fish", I'm not a "company " and I don't hire or support guys - yet.

I'm drawing and posting , publishing and promoting myself.  
I'm not successful - or at least not yet. But here's some tips:

1. Work on your own.
2. Don't let someone to rush you and to explain you what you must draw. Draw what YOU want and HOW YOU feel.
3. If you're in art for the money only - you won't make it. If you're in art for no money - you won't make it either. Find the golden mean. 
4. Facebook as well as Deviant don't work well for artists - if you're trying to get commissions : competition is way too big ... and dang man - you're drawing "MANGA" like 3 million others like you. Offer something unique ! Work on your own style. I don't draw MANGA - never mind what it looks like to you.
5. Be various - don't be a pussy - draw tits, work on anatomy. Try different styles. Don't be afraid to show.
6. Regarding point 4 - try other social platforms and sites. Hint : use google. Work your ass ! Check, read, google, read. Click - read. Articles. 
7. Make friends with other artists, developers, musicians, writers .

Do not let someone else to present you - for he/she would do something that would make you look even worse. Never stop developing - always work.

Post every day - or at least twice a week.  Make yourself a blog and post in there. Share links. If you're good - people should come by themselves. Be you own manager. People/fans - regular people - are your compass /speedometer.

Talk to them. Get the opinion to at least 5 different guys. Watch your stats.
Believe only your own eyes. 

Surround yourself with people who will charge you with positive energy - get rid of the rest.  Remember there will be always one who will try to ride you like a horse , while explaining you that this is good for you and how this will be very good for your popularity. Get rid of the jokey. 

Find your own niche by drawing different stuff. And depending on the reaction of the public you will follow the thread.

That's it from me for now.




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