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Illustrated Fantasy/Sci-fi comic
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Fairy Consolement
Those two characters belong to :
They are part of his game - he's currently developing. The names of the characters are : Sienna and Adivia - 
Follow the link to him if you want to find more about these two - - or ask him personally what these two are up to.

Link to his patreon : - for the game he's making.

Galaxy Hearts
Those three characters are named : 
Madeline, Adaire, and Gabrie - all of them belong to
Madeline is the blonde one that has Ariana Grande's haircut
Adaire is the middle one ...
And the one that's left is Gabrie - the red head that might or might not look like Sansa Stark.

Say hello to the Galaxy Hearts! Madeline, Adaire, and Gabrie: Just a few galactic girls out to save the galaxy.. or they just want to have fun. But what's wrong with having some fun while you save the galaxy?
Warhammer 40 K
Done as request for one of my patrons at : - but you can check the other stuff on my site :
mydirtydrawings dot com
Character/s belong to : She is a fairy. And the spider is.... a giant spider....
Damn ! I'm good in adding text under my own submissions !~
So guys. I'm working a little bit slow on the site. Trying to make a recovery piece by piece. And then I suddenly get my inbox here filled with a little bit "strange" messages from people.

Some wants me to hire them for work.
Others wants me to become their patron at patreon.

Unfortunately for these guys I'm not a "big fish", I'm not a "company " and I don't hire or support guys - yet.

I'm drawing and posting , publishing and promoting myself.  
I'm not successful - or at least not yet. But here's some tips:

1. Work on your own.
2. Don't let someone to rush you and to explain you what you must draw. Draw what YOU want and HOW YOU feel.
3. If you're in art for the money only - you won't make it. If you're in art for no money - you won't make it either. Find the golden mean. 
4. Facebook as well as Deviant don't work well for artists - if you're trying to get commissions : competition is way too big ... and dang man - you're drawing "MANGA" like 3 million others like you. Offer something unique ! Work on your own style. I don't draw MANGA - never mind what it looks like to you.
5. Be various - don't be a pussy - draw tits, work on anatomy. Try different styles. Don't be afraid to show.
6. Regarding point 4 - try other social platforms and sites. Hint : use google. Work your ass ! Check, read, google, read. Click - read. Articles. 
7. Make friends with other artists, developers, musicians, writers .

Do not let someone else to present you - for he/she would do something that would make you look even worse. Never stop developing - always work.

Post every day - or at least twice a week.  Make yourself a blog and post in there. Share links. If you're good - people should come by themselves. Be you own manager. People/fans - regular people - are your compass /speedometer.

Talk to them. Get the opinion to at least 5 different guys. Watch your stats.
Believe only your own eyes. 

Surround yourself with people who will charge you with positive energy - get rid of the rest.  Remember there will be always one who will try to ride you like a horse , while explaining you that this is good for you and how this will be very good for your popularity. Get rid of the jokey. 

Find your own niche by drawing different stuff. And depending on the reaction of the public you will follow the thread.

That's it from me for now.




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I finished your request! Let me know what you think!
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