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Werewolvian Guy
Again the character belongs to Paladox : - and he belongs to the race of Ketzes. Not sure if I write that right.
Their males are hairy and ugly while their females look like this :
Clearing out the HDD ! :-)

This guy belongs to - he's knight - and he's angel. He's part of the game Paladox is making on his patreon - and he happened to be that monster here:… - before turning back to his "human-angel-knight" form. According to Paladox's words he's a playable character.
Sienna vs Internal
Sienna faces off against the demon, Internal, to save her friend Kendra

All the characters here belong to Paladox - who's developing a  game that includes all these. You can help him with developing the game faster by becoming his patron here :

Bebecake on the other side is the one who's making the characters moving - she's the sprite artist who made them live : check her profile here:
 - you can support her art on her patreon :

P.S. The nastiest version of this one will be seen on my site as long as I finish working on it or on hentai foundry....

Sister Mercy
Okay guys - the past days - I was trying to adapt to my previous temp of living. I still need to sleep more and wake up late, eat more and all the stuff that people does on vacation. Mostly doing nothing. 

Announcement : While I was on vacation I had the ability to think about my deeds here.
I decided to abandon my secondary patreon account for various reasons. The comic strip " Golds Of Altir" will continue it's existence from my first patreon account : I finally made to justify the existence of $5 rewards. And last but not least : The nun here has nothing to do with " Golds of Altir" - I drew it because yesterday was July 29th - On Imgur they upvote everything - so I decided to come with something weird.    

Don't ask. But you could support me at : 
Hulk Smash
Guys. I'm back from vacation, but I'm still trying to figure out how to use the tablet yet. Seriously - still unpacking my stuff - still trying to get used to the old timing and cannot say
I'm very happy with that, but I have to.
Today I decided to work on the tags on my patreon account here: - 
And I found out that the O.C. - original content - is ways more than the other stuff. That includes works for other people/clients, patrons, friends/ and my own stuff. 
Originally this patreon was made in order for me to create illustrations of popular characters and heroes: Marvel, DC and movies. - And these mentioned are the rest of the "tags".
I'm not saying that having original content is bad. I wanted to turn this patreon account  of mine into heroic shrine for Marvel and DC characters. 
I'm still needing to make some changes with organization of my site : - I will remove some of the stuff, and others  will try to put into proper categories for easy browse - but at this point I am on very slow motion.

With this drawing I made a time ago - I will probably provoke the white knights and all the censorship warriors to report me and eventually to request my ban.
I don't want or need to get banned. Yes this contains nudity, yes it's a penis, BUT it's NOT erected and HULK's about to use it as a blunt weapon. There's no penetration or anything similar.
Everything however is strongly suggestive and puns are on spot.

The mature filter is changed into strict on mature and sexual themes. 

If you're Marvel fans and you like what I do, consider of supporting me on my first patreon here : - 

Read the list of stuff I prefer not to work before pledging or requesting for a commission :…

P.S. I do have a secondary patreon account, where I'm developing a comic strip, but that will do in my further postings.
I cannot announce a specific date when I will re-launch my site, since all will depend on the workflow and the amount of commissions I'd do. As you probably know is free-to-see , it is wordpress blog and I'm posting there some of the commissioned drawings I made for clients and patrons. 

The past several months my site gained some popularity based on my publications on imgur and twitter. One thing lead to another and with the positive energy came the hacking attacks and my site became a target of numerous attacks. Let's say about 1 million and 350 thousands. I am aware that this was not personally aimed at me and the amount of attacks are NOT real people. 
As I read from the articles the attack may come from one and same place, but to be in different amounts per day. For the past 4 months that amount is pretty huge.

Since I'm not word press wise I found a company that sells their software along with a service for protection and cleaning of the eventual problems. Their fee is annual and will be paid every year.
Along with this I decided that I need to upgrade my work place too.
- New Monitor, a mic and web camera, a brand new chair.

Guys ! I'm intending to get a discord account and I'm going live and will speak with you directly while drawing stuff ! You can see me, you can talk to me, you can commission me - we can discuss stories , comics, games. We can share ideas ! 

So bear with me people !


1. About the site : I made to get the cash and paid for the upgrade on the site. However from google they need up to 3-4 weeks more to check my site if it still has problems. From the company they made a scan and cleared the infected pages and files that has been uploaded. So I will need to wait for another month before I re-launch the page.

2. About the Monitor : I didn't made enough but I bought a second hand Philips that works fine to me -I am currently working with it. As for the camera and chair - money are gone - I made enough for the upgrade only...
3. I can accept up to 15 requests from top tiers per month. That's my limit - reason: I need time to work on my comic strip "Golds of Altir. 
The request list was presented on my site on the left hand column of it. Since the site is still under maintenance until I get a back from them, I cannot show anything, but the requests are interesting, variable and dirty - as usual. I already made to finish 2 or 3 of them. Don't get me wrong - if someone wants me to draw a mainstream drawing for them I will do that as well. With all said - I still need more time to stand on my feet ...



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